Dashai Vijaya Dashai Bada Dashai Navaratri

Dashai is longest and auspicious festival of Hindus known as Vijaya Dashami, Navaratri and Bada Dashai as well. It is celebrated in Nepal and ethic Hindus from the hillside of India like Sikkim, Manipur, Assam and among that ethnic Nepali from Burma, Bhutan, Myanmar.

Dashai falls on late September to early October. Dashai begins with festival day call Ghatasthapa and passes up with Bada Dashai. Ghatasthapa prepared people for Dashai plating maize on the small pot with sand to be sprouted which be used on Bada Dasha With Tika and blessing from elders.

Dashai is especially celebrated for 10 days from Ekadasi known as Ghatasthapa to Dashami known as Bada Dashai though people take tika and blessing from parent till Purne(4 Extended Days) who could not be present during Dashai main time.

It is assumed that the Hindu Goddess “Durga Mata” Kills the Devil for people peace thus Dashain Festival represents the victory of justice against.

Dashai is the festival of happiness, unity, and greatness. People from different caste and niche wish to enjoy Dashai greatly against their economic barriers. Most of the family member come back to home from abroad.

Especially during Dashai looks of Nepal is changed to better shape with happy, well decorated and happy people. in every corner, we can feel delicious smells.

Happy Dashai/Vijaya Dashai




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