How To Create Menus On WordPress

How to create a navigation menu in WordPress in an easy way.

Just follow the below some easy steps

There are three ways of creating a menu

  1. From pages – It enables you to create custom Menu like HOME
  2. From categories – It enables you to put your post under specific menu like news, affiliate
  3. From the custom link – it enables you to put the direct link for your menu if clicked redirect to another page.

First Step- Menu from Pages,

  1. Just Login to your WordPress dashboard panel
  2. Frist Create some pages from pages’ menu on your dashboard that you want to be in your menu – like HOME, AFFILIATE, NEWS
  3. Click on appearance then go to the menus
  4. Then click on create a new  menus
  5. Give the name for the menus
  6. Add pages that you have created from pages and add it to menus

You can drag and drop pages’ item on your menu for where you want it to be positioned. For submenu and menu as per your need.

Second Step -Menus from categories,

If you want your post to be appeared under the specific menus, then you should create a category as menus. Suppose you wrote one article and you wish it to be  appeared under news menu then you should create news menu under categories,

Just follow below step to create categories under menus

  1. Click on Post and select categories
  2. Click on Add New Categories and click at button add New Categories
  3. After you created all categories for menu as usual you can go to menu or select your menu and chose item to be in menus and click on add

Thirty Step – Menu from Custom Link

  1. Click on Appearance and menu as usual
  2. Select Custom Custom links
  3. Give the link you want to open direct click to your menu
  4. Give the name for Manu
  5. Click on add to menus


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